Friday, April 11, 2014

Surprising connections across the great divide

While gathering my journals and writing tools together to enable me to keep them together when I am not at home I made the most amazing connection. I 'rediscovered' and repurposed my Dad's work case (he died over 30 years ago). It has a removable file case in it to hold lots of creative bits and pieces.
I also have repurposed my Mum's compendium that she had before she was married ( in 1952) as it has her maiden name initials embossed on it. Mum died 2 years ago in June. This compendium is the most handy size to have with me every day to hold a notebook to capture thoughts, words and sayings.
I have also added their magnifying light in to the case as well as sometimes by the end of the day writing is harder to read! This has been the loveliest connection imaginable. I am wondering what Mum used it for when she was young as later in life it was for bill paying. Funnily enough when I recently acquired reading glasses I resurrected Mum's cases that I also kept and am now using these as the ones supplied were too bulky for the bag I use daily - lovely how this has all worked out

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are you panicking at the thought of an exhibition of your work or relaxing, enjoying and learning from the experience?

This is my stand at the Gallery, my first time in a public setting. The experience taught me quite a few interesting things.

1. It was not as scary as I thought it would be as I shared the venue with 7 other co-workers who are creative in their home time away from work.

2. The artwork was quite varied and so was intriguing to look around the displays and see quite different works from paintings to my books to sculpture to beautiful cut paper work to cartoons, paintings and eclelctic pieces.

3. Friends, family and co-workers were very supportive of the experience. A friend even gave me flowers at the preview night which was just perfect.

4. It was novel for the other gallery contributors as well to be in a combined showing

5. It was not life and death to be seen for what I do and who I am.  It did not change my life in a day but contributed to my life experience.

6. It galvanised me into looking at some of my car photos - rusty old steering wheels and car wheels - and  getting them framed and hung gallery style in our home ready for any future options or showings

Friday, May 31, 2013

My first gallery experience


The invitation to the gallery and some of the cups display of my "Are you serious?" cards and my "Pour yourself a cup

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One word for 2013 - Unafraid

I saw this video one word and was inspired to think of a word for 2013

 - my word is - UNAFRAID - I have courage but I need to stop pre-empting where and when I might need to use it

I need to trust that when and if "IT happens" - I will handle it( as I have so many times before)

Some definitions  for unafraid:-
oblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them
free from fear or doubt; easy in mind
Feeling, exhibiting, or expressing no fear 

As part of being unafraid versions of both of my Are you serious? books have just gone to
The Rainbow Serpent Festival - looking forward to what unfolds

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Some things to remember


I love photographing rusty old cars and making art

It's good to try new things - love jen gray - she started the interest in blogging for me - interesting she popped up in an example of videos for this course I am doing at the moment

Make it happen

How to be alone

Typewriter as art

Ironing as art

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Distracted - something to resolve

Are  you focussed
easily distracted?


Been feeling a lot of resistance lately. I have been trying to figure out why it drains me of energy and I can't remember my passion - it disappears. I tend to not plan and feel that this is a huge problem as I drift between all sorts of things and projects during the day, which I now better understand is Resistance. I also tend to want to do too many things and don't choose to sit and complete or work on one for a period of time. They all seem to compete and nothing substantial is done. Possibly something to do with being a Gemini?  I don't like planning and have never really been one - except for practical things - not for creative things ...mmmmm. I find I am writing more lists lately of things to do and that need to be done if I am to move forward creatively and therefore personally. I am enjoying reading The War of Art and finding strategies to become more structured in my creative time. Partly I feel that this is not my "job" and I "should" be doing something more "productive" or helping in our garden etc . not "playing" ....mmm again. I need to rethink my perspective on what I enjoy doing!!

A good thing though is that I did receive my "business" cards, magnets and note pad that i had to work through in a previous post "what is going on?"    I feel the words "business cards" are the wrong words to use at this point - I will remove the word business and just call them cards as they can be given out for a number of reasons - not just "business".

I feel better about this now.
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